Issue: August 2008



  • MIDOR on the spot Will it be privatized?

    Over the past month, rumors were spread in every corner of Egypt claiming that the government is to start a privatization plan for the petroleum companies. Since then, a wave of disagreements, oppositions and discontents has dominated the petroleum scene, asking for replies and facts from the government in general and from the Ministry of Petroleum in particular

  • More discoveries booming Upper Egypt

    Upper Egypt started a new phase in the history of the Egyptian petroleum industry

  • Full-Wave Seismic for Reservoir Analysis

    The need to increase hydrocarbon production is particularly acute in China. China produces nearly 5 Bcf/d of natural gas, and demand is expected to reach nearly 11 Bcf/d by 2010. To meet the demand, pressure is being brought to bear on the two main domestic producers, CNPC and Sinopec, to increase in-country production. The government has set a target to nearly double gas usage within the country’s energy mix to 5.3% in 2010 from 3% today.

  • Opening a way, Iraq opens the door to international oil companies

    After five years of occupation, Iraq decided to open its oilfields to foreign companies. The Iraqi government’s decision will pave the way for multi-national companies to start developing oilfields in the oil-rich country next year; after thirty years of war, sanctions and poor government have left the country’s oil infrastructure in tatters.

  • Failed Summit? Jeddah oil summit apparently failed to bear fruit

    As oil prices continued to climb unprecedented highs, consumers and economies across the United States, Europe and much of the world have been negatively affected. Moreover, many countries have experienced social unrest and economic turmoil as a result of the food crisis augmented by soaring oil prices.

  • Introduction of High-Performance Water-Based Fluids in Ultra-Deep Offshore Wells in the East Mediterranean Sea

    Over the years, operators drilling offshore and onshore in the Nile Delta area have searched for a high-performance water-based fluid (HPWBF) that can replace oil-based fluids and exhibit the same characteristics. Recently a new HPWBF has been introduced to the area that has helped close this gap.

  • Brown Fields Development Opportunities Emerging – Part II

    As the crude oil prices are tremendously increasing; jumping above the $100, the development economics are totally changing. Minor, and mature or Brown Fields assets have considerable economic value evolved dramatically. Given the fact that technology is evolving exponentially enough to support non traditional hydrocarbon assets development, and to extremely pushing the recoveries to the highest limit

  • Time to drill horizontally!

    Under the slogan “Overcome your Horizontal Challenges”, the Integrated Solutions for Horizontal Well Design Workshop was held in Sharm El-Sheikh, 7-10July 2008. Through this three-day event, coordinated by Eng. Ahmed El-Aidy, Workshop Chairman & Mansoura Petroleum Company Chairman and Managing Director, more than 17 speakers contributed with their expertise and technical papers covering various aspects of the Horizontal Drilling. The 76 delegates had the opportunity to be exposed to such a variety of presentations and their interactions during the discussion rounds reflected the increasing awareness of Horizontal Drilling in Egypt and the vitality of its application.

  • Oil field developed with horizontal wells

    In a private seminar organized by Pico Integrated Solutions, Expert Sam Metcalfe, Blackwatch Petroleum Services discussed the case history of a North Sea oil field developed with horizontal wells

  • Monthly News

    News of the month, know more about the recent activities this industry has shown during July 2008.