Issue: April 2014



  • Energy Efficiency Master Plan for Egypt

    "Energy Efficiency Master Plan for Egypt", a roundtable organized by Egypt Oil & Gas, took place at the Four Seasons Nile Plaza in Cairo on March 26th. The event, organized by Egypt Oil &Gas, brought together a diverse group of stakeholders including policy-makers, industry experts and academics to discuss how to tackle Egypt's current energy issues, particularly how the country can benefit from the implementation of policy and technologies that promote energy efficiency.


  • Energy Efficiency Success Stories And Lessons For Egypt

    Experts continuously insist that Egypt's energy woes would be reduced significantly if the nation became more energy efficient. This could be accomplished mostly by reducing energy subsidies, so they stress, but decades of failures to decrease the subsidies significantly do not give hope that it will happen soon. However, experiences of other countries indicate that besides reducing subsidies, there are several other measures that can boost energy efficiency (EE). This article reviews a few successful EE policies, with particular attention on the lessons that could be learned from other MENA countries.

  • Dr. Mark Walker Fenton – General Manager of Dana Gas-Egypt

    Dr. Fenton completed Ph.D in Geology and Bachelor of Science in Geology from the University of Melbourne. He started his career with Shell Australia in 1985 and was involved in several onshore and offshore exploration ventures. He served Shell International in The Hague for five years and also served for Shell in exploration, production and development projects in Australia, Netherlands, Vietnam, Myanmar, and Oman. In Oman he was involved in field development planning and drilling of the giant Yibal oil field. Dr. Fenton served as Petroleum Engineering Team Leader of Central Oman and was responsible for the development and production of some 13 oil fields. He joined Woodside in 2000 as Business Manager for the Offshore Enfield Development and was responsible for all development work and environmental approvals. He served as a Director of Kairiki Energy Limited from December 1, 2009 to February 2013.

  • The Road to Energy Self-Sufficiency

    Energy is a vital line for any economy and an important factor in the lives of all Egyptians. Access to energy at affordable prices encourages growth in all economic sectors. Energy markets across the world are faced with a variety of similar challenges and each market can boost economic growth through the development of strategies to secure affordable, sustainable, and safe energy supplies.

  • May Presidential Elections

    The first round of Egypt's presidential elections will take place from May 26th to 27th, Egypt's Elections Committee (PEC) announced on Sunday March 30th, 2014. Candidates are allowed to file their applications to the commission from March 31th to April 20th, the committee said.

  • An Investment Law in Egypt’s Best Interests?

    The Egyptian business community is in no doubt: there needs to be change. And after three years of just that-revolutions, nationwide unrest and military takeovers-the authorities are looking to bring stability and economic recovery to Egypt, whatever the cost.

  • SinoTharwa Starts Offering Seismic Services

    SinoTharwa Drilling Company, a joint venture between Egyptian and Chinese national energy companies, decided at the beginning of this year to compete in the market of seismic services. The services offered will be seismic acquisition, processing and interpretation. The company can use several profiling methods, 2D, 3D as well as 4D.