Issue: April 2012



  • Standing On The Shoulders Of Giants

    The Egyptian petroleum industry's top-level executives convene to ponder the future of the sector's contractual agreements amid the vehement changing winds of the country's political makeup

  • A Roadmap to the Renaissance of Petroleum Agreements

    In times of political instability, such as those currently rocking Egypt, solid ground is needed in order to weather the storm. One of the few remaining patches of solid ground in the Egyptian economy is the country's petroleum sector, which has fared far better than other sectors in dealing with last year's tumultuous events. Therefore, taking advantage of the sector's relative stability could be instrumental in alleviating some of the pressure straining Egypt's ailing economy. In order for the sector to fulfill this role, further development of its various aspects is necessary.

  • Unitization Under the Egyptian Petroleum Exploration and Exploitation Agreements

    Does the Egyptian petroleum exploration and exploitation agreements contain any provision governing the cases of unitization?

  • Walking the Fault Lines: Avoiding Conflict through Forced Cooperation

    International conflicts waged due to territorial disputes often veil a scramble for hydrocarbon resources. In many cases, the problem lies in the overlapping of resource reservoirs with interstate borders, triggering bouts of competitive exploitation and/or confrontation between states. Cooperation in resource development, in the form of Unitization or Joint Petroleum Development, can potentially minimize the probability of conflict if properly integrated into the international legal order.

  • DwC Technology

    Defyer Bits, OverDrive System with TorkDrive Tool Set Casing at Planned Depth in one trip, Mitigate Losses

  • Agiba Gas Generation Plant in Raml Field

    Agiba has succeeded in completing a 2.4 MW gas power generation plant project in the Raml field. The project was undertaken with the aim of simultaneously boosting cost-effectiveness of power generation and efficiency of power generation.

  • Monthly News

    News of the month, know more about the recent activities this industry has shown during March 2012.