Issue: April 2011



  • Egypt’s Gas Agreements: Exploitative or Necessary for Growth?

    Egypt's location as a gateway between Asia, Africa and Europe and the strategic presence of the Suez Canal, in addition to substantial untapped resources, have made it a very attractive destination for international gas producers. While Egypt's government has been focused on attracting as many companies as possible to do business in the country with highly preferential terms of agreement, accusations of corruption and misuse of public funds have followed revelations about discriminatory agreements obliging Egypt to sell gas at below market price, or determining higher price levels for gas bought by the Egyptian government from foreign producers.

  • Foreign Investments under public attacks

    Over the last two months, the Egyptian petroleum industry has been under attack, specifically the former ministerial board, being accused of giving special incentives-privileges to foreign companies on the expenses of the Egyptian ones. On the other hand, many foreign investors condemned the old system for not fulfilling its financial commitments towards them and that many modifications, especially contracts-agreements, should be made for a more advantageous work environment

  • Egypt is not Libya

    When Muammar Gaddafi's son said that Libya is not Egypt, in one of his TV appearances after demonstrations started in Libya, he was definitely right. Egypt itself just went through a major change, but it was totally different from what is currently happening in Libya. Egypt's demonstrations were wholly white, for instance it did not seek blowing up petroleum infrastructure as in Libya. Italian group Eni SpA, which in Egypt is a major producer with more than 200,000 barrels of oil per day, commented on Libya's events ''There has been a major change in Egypt; we did not lose one barrel, so a change does not necessarily mean an impact on our production''

  • Deepwater Surveys Offshore Nile Delta

    Until 2000, most offshore exploration activity in Egypt was focused on the shallow waters of the Gulf of Suez.
    Since then, the industry's focus has gradually switched to the Mediterranean Sea and the search for natural gas. Discoveries have stimulated investment and activity has grown rapidly, moving further offshore into deep water.

  • World’s largest gas find in Israel

    The latest achievements hit by Noble Energy offshore Israel have attracted world's attention towards the probable gas potentials in Israel, which could turn it to a gas exporter instead of a current importer

  • Gas potentials outline the Egyptian scheme

    Egypt is a rapidly growing natural gas producer. The Suez Canal and Sumed Pipeline are strategic routes for Persian Gulf oil shipments, making Egypt an important transit corridor for world oil markets.

  • Oil and gas agreements over different Jurisdictions

    Hydrocarbons and ownership of natural resources in general have played a principal role in classifying civilizations throughout the history of man and especially over the past six decades in the whole world. Such role has changed the political and economic map of the world and has also set the aims and poles of power. The history of mankind has also evolved and developed laws and rules to preserve the treasures and natural resources of every nation within its geographical and political borders.

  • PICO DFT hits new records

    Upon the performed work with all of Petrogulf Misr, Amapetco, Waha Oil Company and Vegas; a new success was proved within the trial well 113-159 in Sinai that belong to Balayim Petroleum Company ''Petrobel''. The evaluation report from Petrobel was indicating a new record in their field regarding drilling days, performance and the total mud cost.

  • Rheliant

    RHELIANT - A new synthetic-base mud designed to provide better drilling performance with flat rheological properties for deepwater and-or cold environment.

  • Monthly News

    News of the month, know more about the recent activities this industry has shown during March 2011.