Issue: April 2010



  • Financial Institutes for the rescue

    Though the banks have been a steady form of support, the world economic crisis has cast its shadow over the Egyptian oil sector

  • Your Corporate Need Is to Lease Not Just Be Financed

    Maturing countries such as Egypt need to adopt successful financial mechanisms to foster effective infrastructure to support and expand the economy. This moves beyond financing alone, indicating that leasing is the way forward. Awareness of the benefits leasing add to the sector is on the rise in Egypt and stands to be a substantial part of financing the existent oil and gas industry.

  • How sustainable is this type of long term financing?

    Project finance is a long term financing tool with debt repayment being wholly reliant on the success of the project and creditworthiness as such, is a function of a bank’s ability to assess and predict this success. Let us be clear, project finance is not high risk but managed risk. Lenders and advisers undertake a rigorous due diligence process on each project with the benefit of independent advice on technical, environmental, market, legal and insurance aspects of a project.

  • All lies in the infrastructure Part IV.

    Last month's article shed lights on the gas pipeline network in Egypt and the expansion potentials and future plans. Similarly, liquid pipeline network is no less important than the gas one. Although the existing liquid pipeline transmission system satisfies the needed demand, as it covers various areas in the country, yet there is a number of obstacles that would setback its potential capacity. That is what will be discussed in the following lines

  • Oil exploration costs on the rise

    The cost of discovering a new barrel of oil/gas has risen three-fold over the last decade as technology has pushed the frontiers of exploration into more remote areas. As old fields run dry, oil companies expand their exploration activities in harsh regions, where political, geological, geographical, technical and contractual risks are high, and they have had remarkable success.

  • Funding Egypt’s oil projects

    2010 has seen an increased focus on revising banking and financial policies for Egypt's current oil and gas projects. In the midst of reforms, budget adjustments and pending projects for the quarter, some key developments are underway to bolster the country's oil and gas fueled economy.

  • The challenge of having a Safe Culture

    It is simply passing the knowledge, to achieve a change in behavior, then build A Safe Culture

  • Monthly News

    News of the month, know more about the recent activities this industry has shown during March 2010.