Issue: April 2009



  • Vegas booms on the exploration route

    Since the end of last year, Vegas Oil & Gas has been impressing the petroleum sector with its exploration hits in the North West Gemsa, which are the first of their kind in this area. The series of successful achievements over a short period of time have grabbed the attention towards the Greek company. Mr. Adam Vavourakis, General Manager of Vegas Oil & Gas shares his views and plans with Egypt Oil & Gas

  • Oil prices fall as demand downturn

    The dramatic situation of oil prices is apparently dire. It deems that Top officials of two camps disperse rumors, which affect oil prices between downturn as imaginative cuts and prospective economy recovery. Actually, as common practice, prices are oscillating but incline to down. Using gas as clean energy is increasingly accepted, particularly in Europe and U.S.A, and their gas outlook can possibly leads to oil price falls

  • Going offshore, sailing to the future!

    Despite the distinguished production increases attained by the Ministry of Petroleum, exceeding expectations and scoring unprecedented achievements, the question raised, for how long will the Ministry be able to maintain the same rates of increase? By what means it can keep booming the production? Many experts that a production sustainability can be fulfilled through offshore investments; the real route to a prosperous future

  • Middle East’s complex situation

    After one-sidedly severing ties with Tehran, Rabat claims that Iran is to be blamed for the situation due to its lack of respect for Morocco

  • Libyan congresses delay Gaddafi’s oil share-out plan

    Libya's People's Congresses, the country's highest authority, have voted to hold-up President Muammar Gaddafi's plan to disband the government and give oil money directly to the people

  • The indictment against Sudan’s Al-Bashir

    The International Criminal Court against Sudanese President Omar Al-Bashir is set to take a toll on Egypt's national security

  • Monthly News

    News of the month, know more about the recent activities this industry has shown during March 2009.