Issue: April 2007



  • Subsidies in Egypt: An issue too hot to touch or too cold to change?

    Subsidies have become the keyword to an ongoing controversy in the Egyptian energy sector. Arguments swinging between keeping and lifting oil and gas subsidies have raised concerns about the negative effects of “inefficiency” in implementing the subsidization system; its threats endangering the future of energy reserves and its state of being an economic burden on the government. Egypt Oil & Gas Newspaper examines the different perspectives of this debate

  • Enduring to explore by taking it offshore

    Demand for maritime service companies has increased recently, this feature explores why and the measures taken to meet this rising demand.

  • Protecting the environment securing the future

    Petro Environmental Services Company (PESCo) – an international joint venture company established in January 2003 – has become one of the leading companies in environmental protection and marine support. PESCo has a global presence, through its national and international partnerships with world leaders. With centers positioned throughout the Egyptian coastlines, they are able to provide swift response around the clock. Engineer Ashraf Thabet talked to Egypt Oil and Gas Newspaper about the company’s ambitions and current activities.

  • Sharing the oil cake?

    While some regard the new Iraqi oil law as oil on troubled waters, others consider it a squander of the world’s third largest oil reserves

  • PVSS II – Best fit SCADA system for the Oil and Gas industry

    There are a wide variety of SCADA systems in the market but only a few are able to handle widely distributed, redundant and complex systems with hundred of thousands of data points. ETM professional control, an Austrian software house, is offering a state-of-the-art SCADA system for the Oil and Gas industry.

  • Scarab /Saffron Production System Simulator

    By Fantoft Process Technologies represented in Egypt by Drexel Oilfield Equipment
    This write-up gives an overall description of Kongsberg’s involvement (project performed by Fantoft Process Technologies, which now is a part of KongsbergMaritime) in the West Delta Gas Development Project. As a world-leading supplier of simulators and services, Kongsberg was selected to deliver aProduction System Simulator for the Scarab/Saffron project. Through the real time production management solutions, Kongsberg was involved in theproject during the engineering phase leading to the extension of the same solutions through D-SPICE for Simian/Sienna/Sapphire fields.

  • 100 years, 100 titles

    Al-Ahli is edging closer to snatch its 100th title as it is marking its centenary anniversary

  • What would more wind farms at Zaafarana save us? As a matter of fact two nuclear power plants!

    It could be seen as surprising that 2006 being the 20th anniversary of the Chernobyl nuclear disaster, is also the year in which Egypt has deemed to see the foreseeable future of nuclear energy for power generation.

  • Assessing the Impact of Removing Energy Subsidies on Energy Intensive Industries in Egypt

    IN Egypt, subsidies continue to be one of the major itemsof government expenditures. The latest figures indicatethat government subsidies exceed 23% of 2005/2006 totalbudget spending (exceed LE50 billion) and around 74%of such subsidies are allocated to energy products(excluding electricity).

  • Cement seal units eliminates the inter-zonal communication

    SEAL UNITS prevent fluid movement at the interfacebetween the outer surface of the casing and the inside ofthe cement sheath. In spite of the improved practice ofreleasing pressure on the casing after the top plug bumps,investigations by different research and developmentgroups confirm that leakage at this interface is not onlypossible, but probable, when subjected differentialpressures often encountered in completing or producinga well. Inter-zonal communication at this point, like“channeling” in the remainder of the annulus, will preventefficient depletion of the producing zone, or causestimulation work (fracturing, acdizing, etc) to beineffective due to uncontrolled fluid migration in theannulus.